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Are you considering Botox Injection
in Westborough? 

Let’s Talk About BOTOX® and Dysport 

Have you been considering BOTOX® or Dysport but just aren’t sure if this procedure is for you? Maybe you’re completely unfamiliar with facial fillers, or don’t see how they can benefit you. Perhaps you’ve heard they’re painful and scary, or that you’ll never be able to stop receiving treatment once you start! We’re here to tell you that neither of those things is true. Read on to find out more about what these injections are, what they can do for you, and what you can expect before, during and after the procedure!

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What Is BOTOX® and Dysport?

We’re so glad you asked! BOTOX® and Dysport are FDA approved injectable muscle relaxants that smooth facial wrinkles and lines. Pesky wrinkles around the corner of the eye, smile lines, frown lines and brow furrows tend to appear as we age. This is because our skin loses elasticity and the repeated expression movements start to leave their mark! 

That’s where botox comes in. This purified (and totally safe) protein is actually distilled from a toxin called Botulinum Type A and works by blocking nerve impulses in your muscles that trigger contractions. Basically, that’s a fancy way to say that it temporarily restricts the certain muscle movement in your face that causes deep expressions and their wrinkles. The targeted muscle paralysis only lasts about 3 to 6 months, which is why many patients tend to go in for follow-up treatments. 

What is Dysport?

You may also see the offering of Dysport injection at our medical aesthetic practice in Westborough. This is nearly identical to BOTOX® in that it is derived from the same Botulinum Type A. The only difference is that the Dysport protein is smaller, so it tends to work much quicker. The end results are similar from our patients’ standpoint!

Who Should Get These Treatments?

Because it’s primarily used to soften the appearance of wrinkles and lines, some assume that facial injectables are only for older patients. Surprisingly, the best uses are in a younger crowd, ideally from 28-36. This is when wrinkles begin to appear but have not had a chance to deepen. In this case, Botox is highly effective for prevention. Why? There are studies that show that when it is used at the first sign of a deep line, they can train muscles to relax so the repeated expression or movement that created the line ceases to happen. That’s right; this can prevent lines from forming in the first place! 
However, older patients shouldn’t worry. If you’ve already got those wrinkles, never fear. Injectables can help soften those lines to give you your youthful skin back!


Is There Any Reason I Shouldn’t Get It?

With some conditions, you probably shouldn’t get this treatment. The following conditions are reasons we recommend you do not have a treatment:

• You’re allergic to any part of its preparation
• You’re allergic to cow’s milk protein
• You suffer from a neuromuscular disease
• You have previously had an allergic reaction to any other botulinum toxin product, such as Myobloc or other varieties of BOTOX.
• You have a skin infection at the intended injection site
• You are pregnant, planning to be pregnant soon or are currently nursing.

Okay, I’m Going For It! What Should I Expect?

It seems like patients’ biggest concern is that this facial treatment will hurt! We’re here to tell you, they really don’t. Many describe injection from the tiny needle as a little pinch, like you’d get from two fingers! Most often there will be 5-7 super-quick injections which will leave little red dots that look like mosquito bites! These fade within minutes. The whole procedure is often done within 15 minutes, so if you snuck off on your lunch break no one will be the wiser. You may have to pull a few funny faces in order to “set” or “fix” the product, and the worst side effect most people have is a bit of a headache for most of the day. Side effects do come on an individual basis though, and besides a headache, some may experience nausea, flu-like symptoms and/or pain and redness at injection sites.

You can expect to see results in about a week, or sometimes a little longer. Most often, you’ll be able to make those wrinkles or lines that you had treated for a couple of days, say if you furrow your eyebrows. Then all of a sudden, you just won’t be able to anymore! You’ll have smooth, serene skin for the next few months before the treatment wears off. For most people, effects last 3 months and wrinkle reduction can be seen as long as 4 months although of course, individual results may vary! One cool thing about repeated use is the effect will begin to last longer! 

We hope this eased some fears and questions about BOTOX®/ Dysport. 
Feel free to call our practice for more information or to request an appointment today! 

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