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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

What our patients say...

Westborough Sculpsure | Reviews | Vitalize MD

I did A LOT of research before I purchased a package of Fraxel Re:store Dual laser treatments at VitalizeMD, and it was 30% cheaper than Lahey Clinic’s Lexington Dermatology Fraxel Re:store laser package and 1,000% better! I purchased a series of Fraxel Re:store at Lahey two years ago, but I was only half satisfied with the results. Then I recently received Fraxel Re:store services from Dr. Nawab and her esthetician, Christine, at VitalizeMD and I am thrilled with the results!

Dr. Nawab and Christine offer the best of both worlds: you get the advanced technology, safety, and clinical effectiveness of a licensed medical doctor combined with the soothing comfort and know-how of a licensed spa esthetician. Christine’s pre-treatment and prep is what made the laser treatment virtually pain-free. On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being unbearable pain), I’d say that the application of the laser on my face (multiple passes) was only a 3 or 4. Plus, both Dr. Nawab and Christine are very well educated and experienced about best practices to attain optimal results for your specific skin type. They take the time to listen to your concerns, and then offer great advice without any high-pressure sales tactics. Both Dr. Nawab and Christine sincerely care about your safety, comfort, and achieving the most effective results for your skin. I wish I could give VitalizeMD 10 stars.

Chris K T.

Went in for a series of three Fraxel laser treatments. I was happy to find a super helpful and informative staff that guided me through the process, and three months after the final treatment I’m delighted with the results, and absolutely recommend Vitalize MD.

Christopher D.

Dear Dr. Nawab,

I want to personally thank you for my NEW & IMPROVED lips! It is amazing how a little change such as improving your lips can improve your life. I feel 20 years younger. I look in the mirror and I just smile. Sometimes I just smile because; well it has improved all aspects of my life. I researched many different doctors and options from Fillers to Thermage. Your office impressed me; cleanliness, educated staff, and great follow up. Furthermore you did not rush me and you took the time to make sure I was satisfied. I am very happy with the Restylane® and Prevelle Silk®. This is the best present I have ever given myself. I highly recommend Vitalize MD. I look forward to seeing what else Vitalize MD is going to do for me.


It was quite a big step for me to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nawab but she came recommended to me by a close friend who’d had Botox and Restylane treatments. Her results are amazing, she looks 10 years younger. I wanted to do something for myself as I had just turned a big birthday and started to feel conscious about my looks. I asked a lot of questions which Dr. Nawab explained in great details, from safety of the products used, to pain sensations to recovery time. What I especially liked about the procedures is that it’s not an immediate total transformation that everybody would notice, but it’s gradual over a short period of time, so I don’t have to divulge my secret. But I’m happy to recommend Dr. Nawab and her practice for any cosmetics procedures, she’s excellent.


Dr Nawab is the best. She is gentle, caring and listens in order to meet specific needs. I was anxious entering Vitalize MD. My anxiety disappeared as soon as I met with Dr Nawab. Initially, I was there for laser hair removal, but I found myself asking questions about fillers. With Dr Nawab's help, we set up treatment plan. After several fillers and hair removal, I feel and look refreshed and relaxed. There was very minor discomfort but my new look is worth it. Thank you Dr Nawab.


I had been troubled by the first appearances of age spots on my face to the point where I wanted to do something about it. I visited Vitalize MD and was immediately put into total confidence by the staff and Dr. Nawab. The office is very welcoming and calming, I relaxed while I filled out my patient forms, after all I was a little apprehensive. Dr. Zainab examined my face while explaining the different procedures that are available today and took the time to go over my patient information. She recommended a Fraxel treatment and gave me an in-depth explanation of what I should expect, the recovery time and what to look out for after the treatment to protect my face. Dr. Nawab has a light touch and made sure that I knew each step of the procedure, which never felt really uncomfortable. I’ve had a total of three treatments and I am happy to say that I’m 100% satisfied with the results. I feel very good about recommending Dr. Nawab to anyone entertaining the ideas of skin repair.


I made an appointment with Vitalize MD to see if I could do something about the handful acne scars I have on my face. I had just ended my Accutane treatment and I had hoped that my skin would heal naturally. Unfortunately, I had a number of scars on my cheeks that I felt self-conscious about, and I was hoping to be able to erase them, if erase is the right term. When I first met Dr. Nawab, she explained that I would have to wait a good six month after the end of the Accutane treatment before starting any skin procedures and I was quite disappointed. On the other hand, it’s my face, and I would rather wait some more and make sure that the treatment is the safest possible. It’s now been 3 months since my laser treatment and I could not be more pleased. The whole experience was positive in every aspect, from the first meeting when I received a lot of information, to the series of procedures and the outcome. Dr. Nawab is patient, calm and reassuring; I can’t thank you enough for restoring my confidence.


Before I got acne, I never thought I would ever be in such a situation until I turned the age of fourteen. At first I didn't care so much because I thought it was going to go right away. I was wrong! I started using all these kinds of products that my family and friends told me about. Nothing worked. I would switch to a different product once I noticed that I have been using a certain product for too long and didn't make a difference. My skin would just get worse. This went on for about four years. But as Dr. Nawab was my physician, I asked her if she knew about anything that can help my skin get better. That’s when she told me about Revive MD. I scheduled for a visit right away. In less than a month of using the products I got from Vitalize MD, I could see the difference. I couldn't believe it! At some point I thought it was a dream, but it was real! Ever since then, my skin is very smooth. I am so grateful that I met Dr. Nawab because if I hadn't met her I would probably still try to use some other products that wouldn't help. Dr. Nawab you are the reason why I now look at my face in the mirror and get an endless smile. I am so thankful for the change you made in my life.

Florence. N

My experience with Dr. Nawab has been surprising, in a very good way. I went to her on a whim and now am thankful I did. She was welcoming, kind, gentle and mostly honest and fair. She did not pressure me, nor did she try to sell me products or services, she even gave me time and privacy to make the right decision . The treatment I had was not what I expected, it was much better. A problem I have been dealing with for many years, she understands what women want and she has an artistic eye, in a natural way that doesn't make one look fake. I highly recommend her.

Pam M. (age 57)

Dr. Nawab is so knowledgeable, caring, and professional. I couldn't have asked for a better experience at Vitalize MD - The office is chic, welcoming, and relaxing. I had bad acne scars and purchased a series of three Fraxel restore treatments. My skin has never looked better and I'm so happy! Thank you, Vitalize MD, for your expertise. I would continue all of my Fraxel, as well as the other treatments here. Although I live in Boston, it's worth the drive. Highly recommended, with five-star service!

Kate M.

Hi - just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the Dysport. I feel so much better and putting it at the hairline is the trick for me. Thank you very much. See you at the next appt.

Pam. M