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Dermal Fillers for Acne Scars

May 10, 2019

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Dermal Fillers for Acne Scars

Did you have a successful acne treatment but there are scars remain? Because of the scars you probably feel like the acne never really left. But you don’t have to worry about them anymore because we have good news for you. Dermal Fillers is one of the best keys to skin problems. This treatment effectively treats and eliminates a certain type of scars.

There are many people already who safely tolerate this scar filling treatment because once your acne scars are gone, your self-confidence is also likely to improve.

There is long-term and short-term Dermal Filler for acne scars: options are available for patients. If these kinds of treatments are not right for your skin type, other fillers for acne scar options are also available.

Let’s learn a little bit more about the Dermal Fillerfor acne scars therapy first before you book your first appointment.

What are Acne Scars?

Acne scars are permanent textural indentations and changes that show up on the skin as a result of intense acne. These scars are not typically red and brown marks: they are rather skin-colored. They remain back right after the acne occurred on your skin. They will almost always improve without the right acne scar filler treatment.

What Causes Acne Scarring?

If you had really bad acne, large pus-filled spaces commonly known as acne cysts will form. These cysts destroy the skin tissues because they can’t be replaced during the healing process. When the area finally can heal because of the cysts empties, usually it leaves behind scars on the face. Scarring on the back and the chest can be lumpy which called keloid or hypertrophic scarring.

Acne scarring on face appears as damage to the skin texture in various sizes, and usually in normal skin color. Some keloid scars may remain red for years.

Types of Acne Scars:

  • Boxcar acne scars
  • Rolling, atrophic, and depressed acne scars
  • Ice pick acne scars
  • Red acne scars - macular scars
  • Mixed acne scars
  • Lumpy hypertrophic and keloid scars

How Is Acne Scarring Treated?

There are many acne scar filler treatments available on the market for acne scars, and they can soften and improve the appearance of the scarring. You may need to combine some treatments as well. Also, a very important thing to know is that you can’t expect to return a perfectly normal skin after the treatments.

Here are some treatment options for acne scarring:

One of the most popular treatments is the Dermal fillers for acne scars.

What are Dermal Fillers for Acne Scars?

Dermal Filler is a hyaluronic filler injection that is the best used for rolling and atrophic scars. They have very minimal downtime and the advantage of a prompt improvement. Dermal Fillerstreatment’s frequency is twice yearly.

How Does Dermal Filler Work for Acne Scars?

For some kind of scars, Dermal Fillerworks better than the other scar fillers. For example, it treats the rolling scars much better than the boxcar scars.

The most popular Dermal Fillers for acne scars are JuvedermRadiesse, and Restylane. This therapy is able to make smaller the appearance of a certain type of scars, plus it also improves the texture of your skin. The amount of time the acne scar filler lasts depends on what part of the skin as well as the condition of the skin being treated.

Usually, Restylane acne scar filler lasts about six to nine months, Radiesse acne scar filler should decrease the look about a year to two, and the Juvederm acne scar filler remains in effect about nine to twelve months.

These kinds of Dermal Fillers for acne scars are made from hyaluronic acid. This substance naturally occurs in the human body; your dermatologist or a professional acne treatment provider can customize the injection for you according to your skin condition. Also, there are studies shown that people who use a Dermal Filler treatment for acne scars are happy with the results.

Short-Term Benefits

The short-term benefits of Dermal Fillersfor acne scars are: the post-procedure downtime is limited and the results are almost immediate. Probably you may see continued improvement after the first treatment for the next few months. The results for most people last from a few months up to as long as a year.

Long-Term Benefits

Until in the short-term the benefits of Dermal Fillers are to erase the scars from the surface of the skin, this scar filler treatment also helps to break up the tissue of the scar and to stimulate the collagen production. This helps to lessen the appearance of the scars eventually and requires fewer and less aggressive treatments.

What are the Risks of Dermal Fillers?

Nowadays it is safe to use Dermal Fillersand there are no allergic reactions to the treatment. However, there are some side effects that may happen. Injection of Dermal Fillerscan result in an infection or small bumps near active acne areas. If you notice any irregularity or redness at the site of Dermal Fillerinjection, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

What is the Cost of Dermal Fillers?

The cost usually depends on what kind of Dermal Filler treatment you chose and also on how many syringes or vials are used. The cost of dermal fillers starts at $675. 

Acne scar filler treatments in the cosmetic industry mean that you don’t have to suffer anymore from acne scars or other skin concerns. Our professional therapists offer you the best acne scar filler treatments, making these blemishes almost unnoticeable. If you got excited and want to learn more about the many different treatment options that we offer for acne scars and for other skin issues, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.