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Non-invasive Fat Removal and Body Contouring in Westborough  

Slim Down With SculpSure™ 

Let’s be honest for a moment. We can blame it on genetics, diet, or plain stubbornness, but sometimes excess tummy fat and love handles refuse to shrink or disappear no matter what you try! We get it, we’ve been there. But before you despair and give up completely, you have to know about the noninvasive treatment designed to finally conquer those trouble areas. It was created by our friends at Cynosure-Physicians, who are the masterminds behind some truly amazing aesthetic treatments to help people feel their absolute best!

SculpSure Is the Smarter Way to Sculpt™!

SculpSure™ is the very first FDA approved laser body contouring treatment of its kind!  It’s completely safe, absolutely noninvasive and requires no downtime for recovery.

Bonus: The laser non-surgical fat removal treatment has no effect on the skin, unique amongst many surgical fat removal techniques. In fact, the skin is improved and tightened.

The applicators, or pads placed on the area administer laster to precisely target fat cells below the skin's surface. The energy travels through the skin and is absorbed by the fat cells, which destroys them. The injured fat cells are then naturally eliminated by the body over the next few weeks. After a couple of weeks pass and perhaps some additional treatments, you will see the slimmer physique you’ve been dreaming of!

Who Could Receive a Non-invasive Fat Reduction Treatment?

Although we would absolutely love everyone to try and enjoy SculpSure, we want to make sure our patients are setting realistic expectations for this treatment. Remember, this is a contouring tool and not a weight-loss method! For this reason, we recommend SculpSure non-surgical fat reduction for people who are under a BMI of 31 or already near their goal weight. The treatments are most effective on individuals who have reached a plateau in their journey and just want to get rid of a few remaining stubborn areas. If you’re over a BMI of 31 or overweight, make sure to consult your doctor to see if this is right for you!

Okay, I’m In! What Should I Expect?

The non-surgical treatment on one area takes about 25 minutes. You’ll get hooked up to the machine and have the applicators place over the target area, and then you’re all set! You’ll feel heat and tingling in the treatment area while the lasers are active. The applicators switch between hot and cool every few seconds. Every patient is different, and some may see results as early as 6 weeks, while the best results might be seen after 12 weeks on some. The results will be permanent, as the targeted fat cells will be destroyed!

The day after the fat removal treatment in Westborough you might feel some tenderness in the target areas. We recommend you don’t wear items that are too tight, and regularly massage the treatment areas if they feel a little firm for a few days in order to alleviate your symptoms and help out your lymphatic system process the destroyed fat cells more quickly!


Body Contouring Price :

It starts at $1750 for 2 treatments for any area. 

For the complete rundown on the procedure and the company behind it, check out CynoSure Physicians here: