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PRF Facial Rejuvenation

Feb 09, 2022

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PRF Facial Rejuvenation

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PFR) Skin & Hair Rejuvenation

Platelet Rich Fibrin is fast becoming a popular treatment for skin and hair rejuvenation. The treatment method is completely safe and focuses on healing properties found in the blood. PRF treatment is a natural solution for many of the most common skin problems and hair loss.

What is Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)?

PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin is the next generation treatment of PRP (platelet-rich plasma). The all-natural solution helps reduce signs of aging like deflated cheeks, under-eye hollows. It is also used on the scalp to encourage hair restoration. PRF is taken from your blood which is drawn just before treatment. Once the blood has been drawn, it is placed in a centrifuge which separates PRF from the other components of the blood. The spinning action separates the platelet-rich fibrin and causes it to rise to the top of the vial. It is then extracted from off the top of the blood.

Harvested PRF contains fibrin, white blood cells, and platelets. It contains a large amount of white blood cells and fibrin along with small amounts of stem cells that circulate in the bloodstream. After the PRF is isolated for about 15 minutes, it becomes a gel which can be injected into the face or scalp. PRF treatment has become a popular option in the esthetic industry because of the powerful natural components it contains. These components are used to treat a wide variety of issues including:

· Liver spots or age spots

· Facial wrinkles

· Tear troughs

· Dark circles under the eyes

· Thinning lips

· Sagging jowls and neck

· Nasolabial folds

· Crow’s feet

· Frown lines

· Marionette and smoker’s lines

How does PRF work?

The biological scaffolding, fibrin forms naturally in response to an injury anywhere in the body. Once platelets in the blood bind to fibrin they become activated and release growth factors. The growth factors begin the wound healing process by creating new blood vessels, collagen, and skin cells. When PRF is injected into an area it creates a controlled inflammatory response which kick starts new collagen production and cell growth.

What’s the Difference Between First-generation PRP and PRF?

PRP is a platelet concentration often called the “vampire facial.” The patient’s own blood is used to treat and heal their skin. But the PRP process requires that anti-clotting additives are included. PRF which is often dubbed “the true blood therapy” is a popular alternative. There are no additives needed so it forms a “super blood clot” which significantly increases regenerative cells and growth factors that stimulate the healing process.

5 Reasons to Try the Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Facial

1. Eliminate wrinkles and facial folds

The blood in platelet-rich plasma is processed at a fast speed and uses anticoagulants to eliminate the red blood cells. Platelet-rich fibrin is prepared at lower speeds, so the platelets and white blood cells are isolated from red blood cells. This allows for a higher concentration of platelets while maintaining the fibrin matrix without the anticoagulants. The fibrin mix holds platelets together to facilitate a slower release over seven to 10 days. This provides longer-lasting results over a few weeks. You should notice a difference in about 48 hours.

2. Treats under-eye loose skin and dark circles

PRF treats the thin skin under your eyes by filling in the hollows and reducing visible wrinkles. Dermal fillers can help with under-eye wrinkles but using them too much can lead to puffy or bluish skin. PRF does more by combating dark circles and wrinkles.

3. Improves skin texture

Exposure to dehydration, smoking, pollution, poor skincare, or inadequate blood flow can lead to dull skin. Any combination of these factors adds years to your complexion. Platelet-rich fibrin treatments help in the fight against sun damage and the ill effects of smoking. PRF is often used in conjunction with micro needling and used to treat acne scarring. Micro-needling combined with PRF facial injections help to greatly reduce their appearance.

4. Results last up to one year

One PRF facial rejuvenation treatment only takes about 45 minutes, and you only need between two and five appointments. However, you can enjoy the fantastic results for as long as a year. After the final treatment, you can admire your improved skin texture and quality, more volume, and fewer dark circles for months. It’s important to note that each person is different. Your own body’s blood is used to stimulate skin regeneration and rejuvenation. Results are going to vary some between individuals which mean the time between PRF facial treatments can vary.

5. Minimal risks of side effects

There are no worrisome major side effects from the PRF procedure. The PRF facial treatment uses platelet-rich fibrin derived from your own blood without any anticoagulants or additives. This greatly reduces any chances of adverse reactions. The only side effects are mild pain, minimal soreness, swelling, and minor bruising. Topical anesthetics and ice quickly take care of these. There is no downtime following the procedure and you can immediately return to regular activities following the procedure. However, if your doctor has prescribed anti-clotting medications, you should opt for other types of facial treatments.

In Conclusion

Anyone who desires to rejuvenate their skin naturally is a good candidate for a platelet-rich fibrin treatment. The PRF procedure has a lot to offer. The safe treatment option helps improve skin conditions and has been the preferred skincare choice by many patients. Professional athletes use PRF to speed healing following an injury or surgery. A PRF facial treatment is three times more effective than PRP. It uses rejuvenating proteins naturally produced by your body.