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Treatment Options

Treatment Options

Laser Skin Care Center

Laser Skin Treatments In Westborough - Dr. Nawab

Skin can be damaged over time, and sometimes requires treatment to restore a fresh, younger look. Your dermal specialists at VitalizeMD have a number of treatments that will remove skin damage and rejuvenate your look. Topical treatments like oils and creams may only grant temporary and surface-level relief, but laser skin resurfacing will reduce or eliminate pigmentation discoloration, larger pores, wrinkles, and acne scars. Dr. Zainab Nawab is your dedicated cosmetic laser specialist in Westborough, serving anyone who wants to improve the look of their skin.

Achieve Youthful Skin

We offer laser resurfacing and Fraxel laser treatments with no less than the best technology available. We use FDA-approved lasers and methods that are proven to help individuals with their skin. Each patient receives custom care that seeks to combine the best treatment with what a patient wants. Our skilled personnel is certified to give each patient the best care possible and restore confidence in our patients’ skin.

Laser resurfacing will safely and gently remove damaged layers of your skin. Using the FDA approved Fraxel® laser, which has lasers that pinpoint individual spots on your skin, Dr. Nawab can precisely remove tissue without causing damage to other parts of your skin or body. The Fraxel® laser is so effective it actually encourages your skin to grow new tissue.

This reduces your recovery time immensely. As a fractional laser, it works on both surface skin and the mid-level layer of skin, epidermis and dermal collagen, respectively. Side effects include: redness in the face, swollen or bruised skin, minor acne, and other skin reactions. Most patients do not experience severe reactions, but if you do our specialists at Vitalize are prepared to give you aid.

Skin Tightening works on the dermal collagen level. Using the Fraxel® laser, Dr. Nawab heats the collagen in your skin, helping it to contract and begin the skin tightening process. As a result, new collagen is produced in your skin and this reaction spreads to your skin around the treatment area. If your face or neck receives the treatment, then you will see wrinkles and saggy skin disappear over time.

This treatment can be applied to many parts of your body, areas that are prone to wrinkles may need repeat treatments, and after the initial process individuals may want to receive treatments annually to keep their skin looking youthful. Side effects are minimal, thanks to the gentleness of the procedure. You may experience feelings of warmth in treatment areas, and if more serious side-effects occur, please see your doctor. For more information on how we can improve your skin, click the links below. 

Acne Treatments for adults and teens 

People of all ages can have acne and our protocols use a combination of home-based treatments, Acne facials, DermaPeels, light-based treatments, and laser treatments.

Restore your skin today!

Dr. Nawab and his team are passionate about giving individuals the youthful look they deserve. To schedule a consultation please call or you can visit our Westborough office. We look forward to hearing from you!

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